Nutrition Powder, Modified Starch Processing line

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Production line introduction

The nutrient powder production line uses rice, corn, beans and other cereals as raw materials. After extrusion, drying, pulverizing and mixing, it can produce a variety of nutritional powders, such as baby rice flour, sesame paste and soy flour. The production line is automatically completed from the feeding process, with simple operation, no dust leakage, and energy saving etc. advantages. It suits for different recipe with a variety of raw materials and nutrients.

Modified starch is based on natural starch, in order to improve the performance of starch, expand its application range, use physical and chemical treatment, introduce new functional groups on starch molecules or change the size of starch molecules and the properties of starch granules, thus changing starch natural characteristics to make it more suitable for the requirements of certain applications. As one of the important excipients of the industry, modified starch can be widely used in paper, food, textile, construction, medicine and other industries.