Kurkure/ Cheetos Processing line

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Production line introduction

Saibainuo Cheetos production line use corn grits as raw material, it can be irregular cheetos after extruding. After seasoning, it can be made into crispy cheetos with different tastes,which is much welcomed. The extruder feeder with vibration and adjusts the flow rate of raw materials. The feed screw speed is controlled by frequency converter and can be adjusted freely. The mechanical gear linkage realizes manual control of the gap of the extrusion head, and the linkage of the hand wheel control base can make the feeding screw easier to enter the extrusion barrel.

Cheetos Rotary Head Extruder has the following Features:

1、The Kurkure production line is divided into fried and dried.
2、The latest squeezing technology makes the product crisp and delicious.
3、Design an exquisite and precise control system.
4、the key components of brass casting, with good abrasion resistance.
5、Vibrating feeding makes the feeding evenly and adjustable.