Lab twin-screw extruder SYS30--IV

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Production line introduction

Lab twin-screw extruder is an omnipotent models researched for universities, research institutes and large and medium-sized enterprises engaged in various extrusion, extruded maturation, extruded variability study. It has gone through four generations of improvements to adapt to cereals, potato starch, protein, chemicals, plastics, rubber and other vastly different raw materials for a variety of experiments. Powerful, easy to operate and adjust parameters together with test data accurate and easy maintenance features.

Engine power 5.5Kw Second series L/D 9.3/15/20.6 Pressure scope 0-30MPa
Engine speed-control Frequency speed-control Heating way Heating ring Pressure precision 0.01MPa
Screw diameter Φ30 Cooling way Water Number of measuring pressure 3
Screw central distance 26mm Temperature scope 20℃-300℃ Lubricate way Oil pump forcing lubrication
Speed range 500rpm-1200rpm Temperature precision ±1.0℃ Oil pump power 0.12kw
Screw mode Building block-combined type Number of measuring temperature point 4 Feeding Power 0.18kw
First series L/D 11.6/12.7/23 Output 10-25KG/H Percent of water 6%-60%

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