SLG32 Twin screw lab extruder

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Production line introduction

Lab twin-screw extruder is our company research for universities, research institutes and large and medium-sized enterprises engaged in various extrusion, extruded maturation, extruded variability study omnipotent models. It has gone through four generations of improvements to adapt to cereals, potato starch, protein, chemicals, plastics, rubber and other raw materials are vastly different for a variety of experiments. Powerful, easy to operate and simplely of parameters adjustment, test data accurate, easy maintenance.

Technical Parameters
1 Main motor power 5KW 13 pressure range 0~30MPa
2 Main motor speed control frequency control 14 pressure accuracy 1MPa
3 Screw Diameter ∮32 15 Pressure measurement points 1
4 Screw Diameter 26mm 16 lubricating system internal recycle
5 The screw material 38CrMoAl 17 Feeding power 0.18KW
6 range of speed 0~500rpm 18 feeding control frequency control
7 The screw form The whole screw 19 cutting control frequency control
8 draw ratio 23 20 cutting power 0.25KW
9 extruder barrel temperature control electrical heating 21 dimension 1.8x1.0x1.4(m)
10 Temperature measuring point 3 22 output 10-20kg/h
11 temperature range normal temperature~300℃ 23 cutting control frequency control
12 Temperature Accuracy +1℃ 24 control mode centralized control

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